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Toyota Built AE86 All Electric Drift Car

Toyota AE86 Corolla Electric Drift Car Concept Side View

Toyota has been at the forefront of innovation in the automobile industry for decades. Their latest creation, the Toyota AE86 Electric Drift Car, is no exception. This innovative vehicle combines the timeless design of the AE86 with modern electric technology. Creating a truly unique and eco-friendly driving experience.


The Toyota AE86 Electric Drift car is a sight to behold. The sleek lines and aggressive stance of the classic AE86 are accentuated by modern styling cues that give the car a futuristic look. But it’s not just the exterior that’s impressive. The interior is equally stunning, with a clean, minimalist design that puts the focus on the driving experience.

The Levin BEV uses a motor from the Toyota Tundra Hybrid truck and a battery pack from the Prius. But what is interesting is that the engineers kept the clutch and five-speed transmission intact.

The Transmission

“The transmission is really not necessary with an electric motor,” Sasaki said as he explained the vehicle’s technology setup. “But this car was set up to have the transmission and clutch in order to keep the feel of the car. And the joy of driving such a classic.” The engineering team that designed and built the Levin BEV made sure that only the powertrain was replaced. Everything else about the Levin was retained. To ensure that it met Toyoda’s expectation of “leaving no car lovers behind,” which also happens to be Toyota’s theme for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023.

Design and Performance

Engineers retained the AE86’s body, keeping it stripped down to the classic racing seats to keep it lightweight. Rollbars and racing bucket seats were installed. The front-rear weight balance was maintained, by placing the motor very low but forward in the engine bay with a connecting transmission and the Prius PHEV battery pack spread throughout the vehicle floor. Thus, a 53:47 bias was achieved, the kind of ratio needed for a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Toyota engineers also pointed out that as much as possible, “the robust driving force” characteristic of the car was maintained. But posed challenges because of the extremely linear power delivery by the electric motor. Connecting the electric motor to the 5-speed manual transmission with a clutch also meant the use of sensors to match motor speeds during shifting. Since it is a rear-wheel-drive car, the rear differential is essentially unmodified.

“By simultaneously promoting the carbon neutralization of not only new vehicles but also of vehicles currently in customer use is essential for the future. We can ensure the joy of driving cherished classic cars is not lost in the age of carbon neutrality,” Toyoda mentioned.

The Toyota AE86 Electric Drift car is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. By combining the classic design of the AE86 with cutting-edge electric technology. They have created a car that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. Whether you’re a fan of classic cars or a tech-savvy driver. The Toyota AE86 Electric Concept car is sure to impress.

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